Time For Laser Hair Removal?

Fall Is The Ideal Time For Laser Hair Removal!

Now that the summer is over, and most everyone (except us here in South Florida) have left the bathing suits in their respective storage spots, this is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal series. By the time the daring dress and suit season rolls around again, you will be hair free (only where you want to be!) and will have removed that little item from your shower called, oh, I forget, what is that? Oh yeah, a razor. I have not needed a razor in nearly four years!! And no, I am not hairy!!

The liberating laser has been a blessing to lots. What were we thinking? Shaving 1 to 2 times per day (depending upon your event, new dates, etc.), and dealing with that stubble and extra time. Ugh! Gone!

So why now? Because with the most efficient lasers (Alexandrites), you really don’t want a tan. A tan can attract the frequency (going after pigment) and reduce the treatment (don’t want to cause harm to tanned skin) or even change the skin pigment (don’t ever want this to happen). Fall is then, perfect. Go get it!

Weight Loss

I have so many folks that wish to lose weight, that I have started commenting on various small (I repeat small) things that need to be altered in order to achieved your desired result without brainwashing, or suffering while others are stuffing. The most important aspect is to pay attention. I will comment on this repeatedly, as we all forget repeatedly to “pay attention”.

Pay attention not so much to calories, to meals, but to what you put in your mouth absentmindedly (we all do it!) throughout the day during times of increased stress. It is amazing how much goes into a person that they cannot, no matter how hard you press them, recollect putting it in there. No one else puts it in, therefore, no attention is paid to it.

Therefore, just pay attention. Tell yourself in the morning that you are not an impulse person and will not be putting things in your mouth that you will not appreciate, much less remember. This will spark up during the times when you would normally do the very thing you have set out not to do. Try it. It works.

From Dr. Bonnie:

When first meeting, my patients tell me they want to look younger, and we talk about their concerns.  For most its a sense of not looking as “fresh” as they used to.  As we continue to talk, I find many are under incredible stress,  and it’s aging them beyond their real years.  They’re aware of the pressure, and maybe even of the toll it’s taking. Unfortunately, its not easy to figure out how to get off this energy draining treadmill that’s  sabotaging their chance to look great.

I ‘ve discovered three common problems that almost all of these patients share, and even went so far as to prepare three separate videos, which have become  my “prescriptions”.  Each deals with a different problem and shows step-by-step how to eliminate them from your life.

I would love to share them with you, and there is no charge. The first is titled “The Dirty Little Secret of Multi-Tasking” and as the title may hint, Multi-Tasking is not helping us save time nor get things done faster.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Bonnie