Sculptra: Brings Back True Beauty

Look Young With Anti Aging Treatment!

Looking young is getting easier and easier with the vast array of anti aging creams and anti aging products. Now that Sanofi Aventis has begun direct-to-consumer marketing for Sculptra Aesthetic, I have patients from age 30 onĀ up calling to find out how to “prevent” the telltale signs of aging. And I have good news…Sculptra is a major warrior in that never-ending battle to boost beauty…naturally.



Worth the Wait

Sculptra’s lactic acid particles spur on the growth of new, healthy, strong collagen that is tighter and fresher than existing collagen. Additionally, in areas where volume has decreased, “filling” that area with your own collagen makes you look like you still have the soft under-the-skin fat of youth. And since it is your own collagen, it lasts much longer than say a hyaluronic acid such as Restylane or Juvederm. The only mild down-side is that it is not immediate, and I do have some patients without patience. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to start to see the resulting growth. Also in many cases (depending upon where you want to be and where you start from) the desired look will take more than one treatment. The great news is that once you are where you want to be, you are there for a good while. Usually the effect lasts for two years or more.

Experience Counts

I have been injecting Sculptra from the time it first came out in 2004 and have performed thousands of treatments. Make sure your practitioner has abundant experience with this as it is not “just another filler”. The results are amazing however when you are in good hands!