IPL And Levulon Can Reverse The Years, And Your Earlier Habits!

IPL Reverses The Signs Of Sun

We all wanted sun when we were young. Many felt that the greater their tan, or even their sunburn, the more fun they had acquiring it. Based on many patient testimonies, this appears to be universal, as it was with me. I grew up in Wisconsin, which meant if you had a sunny day, you had to plot carefully to obtain your desired time in the golden glow. I do confess that their were times in my early twenties, before my later derm schooling, that I would actually call in sick if their was a bright, sunny day predicted. Now, as more and more patients present with badly damaged skin from their youth, I can’t believe I did that, along with friends and even members of my family.

My beloved cousin loved to lay in the sun. As a young mother and one who loved the summer (short as it was), she bought a time-share in Florida in order to avail herself to the consistent warming illumination that would produce a skin color change that made it look like one had a great vacation. She really did have great vacations doing this, but never considered the consequences. Like many, she is now paying.

The bottom line is that no one wants to look older. And your family heritage plays a big part too. If you even have a hint of Irish heritage (faint or not so faint freckles) and beautiful blue eyes, lying in the sun in your youth will almost certainly spell precancerous lesions showing up in a few years. Then you have no choice but to see a good derm practitioner. And you will probably be introduced to Levulan IPL photodynamic therapy that combines light and chemical treatments for cosmetic improvement.

It is not a fun experience. You will probably need about five days until you can go in public and look normal. On day five, you may be dry, peeling, and itchy. Quite simply, you will look terrible. I do my best to let my patients know that better things are coming. After a few weeks I will show the before and afters. Some are just stunned and stare at the photos on my computer until I break their concentration. Then we have “The Talk” about skin and sun damage. My goal is for them not to have to go through this again!