IPL And Levulon Can Reverse The Years, And Your Earlier Habits!

IPL Reverses The Signs Of Sun

We all wanted sun in our previous lives. Many felt that the greater their tan, or even their sunburn, the more fun they had aquiring it. Based on many patient testimonies, this appears to be universal, as it was with me. I grew up in Wisconsin, which meant if you had a sunny day, you had to plot mysteriously to obtain your desired (and deserved!) time in the golden glow. I do confess that their were times in my early twenties, before my later derm schooling, that I would actually call in sick (though it was rare, maybe once a season) if their was a bright, sunny day predicted. Yes, now as more and more patients present with this affliction, I can’t believe I did that, but even more so, many members of my family did it too, though carried it much further.

My beloved cousin Tami loved to lay in the sun. As a young mother and one who loved the summer (short as it was), she bought a time-share in Florida, in order to avail herself to the consistent warming illumination that would produce a skin color change that made it look like one had a great vacation. She really did have great vacations doing this, but never considered the consequences. Ever.

Fast forward to now, when this insatiable desire left her to look older than she was, or at least older than she needed to look given her relatively young age. Who wants to look older? Plus, due to her Irish heritage, she had precancerous lesions showing up that I needed to make sure would go away. Therefore we had: sun damage, and big sundamage (precancerous stuff). Therefore, Levulon.

She tolerated it well (that is to say she did not jump off the table and hail a cab [which would be no avail in South Florida anyway] nor did she retreat to the retreat (an actual room in our facility) in which she could have sought refuge.

Our literature and experience gave her five days until she could go in public and look normal. On day five, I texted her to ask how she was doing (back in the frozen tundra by now)  she stated on 9/28/10 that her face was “dry, peeling, itchy, and ugly!” Oh well, I let her know better things were coming. I will show the before and afters once she is finished. I will see her in two weeks. Stay tuned.

From Dr. Bonnie:

When first meeting, my patients tell me they want to look younger, and we talk about their concerns.  For most its a sense of not looking as “fresh” as they used to.  As we continue to talk, I find many are under incredible stress,  and it’s aging them beyond their real years.  They’re aware of the pressure, and maybe even of the toll it’s taking. Unfortunately, its not easy to figure out how to get off this energy draining treadmill that’s  sabotaging their chance to look great.

I ‘ve discovered three common problems that almost all of these patients share, and even went so far as to prepare three separate videos, which have become  my “prescriptions”.  Each deals with a different problem and shows step-by-step how to eliminate them from your life.

I would love to share them with you, and there is no charge. The first is titled “The Dirty Little Secret of Multi-Tasking” and as the title may hint, Multi-Tasking is not helping us save time nor get things done faster.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Bonnie