Hydroxatone For Skin Wrinkles?

Hydroxatone Better than Botox?

I had to post this review because so many patients asked me “Does Hydroxatone really comparable to Botox?” Usually when something is so highly marketed without much (really none) evidence to support its claims, I ignore it. Then one day one of my readers or a patient asks me  to guide them in their quest for a cream that will compare to Botox. Of course, they are now hearing more and more about Hydroxatone with the marketing hype.

What is Hydroxatone?

HydroxatoneHydroxatone is a compound of Matrixyl 3000 (see post on Matrixyl 3000), Argireline, the trade name for the synthetically derived peptide called acetyl hexapeptide-3, and some ubiquitous antioxidants. Argeline’s claim to fame is simply: Argireline has been shown to moderate excessive catecholamines release. That’s it…as unromantic as it is. It will not decrease wrinkles. The other component of Hydroxatone is hyaluronic acid, in its liquid form, which cannot penetrate past the stratum corneum. However, it may slightly fill up the dead keritin cells in stratum corneum because its (hyaluronic acid’s) ability to absorb water is big. This however should not be confused with hydration for your skin. It doesn’t work that way. Bloating your top dead skin cells does not equal wrinkle reduction. Period. And sadly for the people using the product, all it will remove is your money. 

Can Hydroxatone Compare to Botox?

botox injections

Really, can any topical cream compare to a know product used millions of times that is injected into the area of concern? Of course not. For years we have heard Botox topical cream will be available, but it is always in the future. For now the answer is no. There are many creams that may cause slight swelling of the skin around the wrinkle, giving an illusion of the wrinkle going away, but the results are fleeting, like maybe hours. And, anything that will swell is also causing irritation, so that is definitely something to consider. Stay tuned though, someday there may even be a botulinum toxin cream with many valid indications. It will reduce wrinkles, sweating, even acne. One thing you will be sure of…… You will not miss the introduction. It’s availability will be shouted from the rooftops! But for now, the claims of some goop removing wrinkles “just like Botox” are false, and made simply to make you notice and purchase with your valuable dollars.