Hair Color Advice

Need Some Advice On Hair Color?

If you need hair color advice, you came to the right place! Shawn Butner, Master Colorist at Anuhska Spa and Cosmedical Centre is one of the best hair color experts in the world. In this short Q and A session, we discuss hair color and how to choose the right shade to bring out your natural beauty. Also, below the video, he discusses trends and some of the products he uses every day.

Hair Color

By Master-Colorist Shawn Butner

Beautiful Hair ColorToday one of the most important trends in hair color is natural looking healthy hair. We are getting away from really bold and / or chunky highlights and synthetic reds.
Look to Hollywood and you will see mostly natural tone on tone highlights, soft neutral reds, warm golden browns and soft beige or soft golden blondes. Of course a lot of what you see on the big screen is actually hairpieces, extensions or wigs.

Kerastase by L’Oreal

KerastaseIt is not possible to change color as often as you see on some celebrities or even get certain shades due to the natural depth of hair color or texture.

With that in mind, we have a tremendous amount of options open to us.

With the help of an incredible new lightening paste by L’Oreal Professional and home maintenance program of the appropriate Kerastase regimen, blondes can be taken lighter without feeling brittle and dry. Base breaks, base cleansing and base cracking are also options to lighten the hair on half to one whole shade. They can be used to brighten a sub-par shade of blond, with very little stress to the hair. New generation color removers give us the ability to remove the artificial hair color without damage to the hair. These services allow us to make significant changes without harm to the hair.

Men’s Hair Styles

Mens Hair StylesAnother new trend is in color for men. We are offering gray blending. It’s a simple service that is done at the shampoo basin to erase a few years in five minutes. Base breaks can be used to lighten and give the appearance of being lightened by the sun. We offer Balayage, which are hand painted highlights that give men’s hair natural texture and shine. What makes these service different is that they are more discreet and less dramatic that previous color options for men.