Fillers, Wrinkles and Collagen

Fillers, Wrinkles and Collagen

Take a look at the two videos below, in the first,  I answer a question about looking younger. In it I try to explain some of the signs of aging we are all seeing and why, then talk about what we can do about it. In the second video, I go into the specific facts about collagen.  Just below the videos, I write about how it all comes together.

Is Collagen A Filler?

Well, yes and no. The words collagen and fillers are used frequently when we talk about getting years erased by eliminating wrinkles. Fillers can be collagen, but don’t necessarily have to be. For now, lets discuss collagen and in another article we will talk about some of the new fillers such as Restylane®, Perlane®, and the Juvederm®,products.

We Are Born With Collagen In Our Skin

It makes up the majority of  the dermis, just under the skin’s surface.  When we say our skin is “aging”, not only are we seeing wrinkles, but we are seeing collagen deterioration. As collagen deteriorates, we get these wrinkles, lines, and general sagging in the skin.  There have been a variety of attempts and products to replace collagen. Most were based more on selling something than results. I remember the collagen facial of the 80’s (still used today). It sounds  great until you realize the results just aren’t there.

Adding Collagen

When you need more body, or volume, in your skin, collagen must be injected. Unfortunately, when injectable collagen first came out , it sometimes only lasted days before the body absorbed the injection. There have been many advances since then in collagen products and hybrids. New collagen injectables can now last from about six months to perhaps as much as 12. Also, injection techniques and equipment have improved. Instead of injecting it deeply into the skin layer, now advanced injectors know to inject in a more superficial plane so it will bind to what you already have. Keep in mind, collagen is not an injection that flows into our system like a vaccination in our arm. It remains in the specific injected area binding to our existing collegen until absorbed into our system.

Most collagen injections are used either to fill in lines or  enhance  facial features. As you and your practitioner look into what may be best for you, please remember that the skill of the practitioner as an injector is the single most important part of the equation. An improperly placed filler will show a bulge or line, or even exacerbate the very thing it was supposed to correct. And it will not go away over the weekend, but must wait for the body’s natural absorption process.