Celebrity Skin Care Product Endorsements

Celebrities and Skin Care

Do you buy a product simply because you adore the celebrity selling it? Well, that is basically the idea, which is the reason celebrity endorsements are so popular. And, there is plenty of reason to believe it works. Look at how products or even people have skyrocketed to fame after an appearance on the Oprah Show! While Oprah most likely will not be affected, because I truly believe she carefully guards her endorsements, even implied ones, some celebrity ads may have to adjust to a new regulation. And, quite honestly, its about time.

Transparent Advertising

This took a while to come about, mostly because politicians were being asked to legislate advertising based on truth- telling, and asking for that is like asking legislators to always tell the truth. Just cannot seem to happen. However a regulation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) significantly affects the way advertisers and endorsers operate.  According to Andrew Lustigman, a New York attorney who represents advertisers, direct marketers, media, and Internet companies, the changes are designed to protect the consumer against misleading testimonials and endorsements.

Truth Told?

I would caution anyone from getting their hopes up regarding “real expectations” they may get from a product endorsed by a celebrity, however the disclaimers at the end of ads (think drug ads, car dealer ads, and lawyer advertisements) will likely become more common. Rather just saying “results may vary”, advertisers will be required to describe a “typical” result, or more clearly stated, the one most likely to happen to you.